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Positive about your future

You are important!

How it was

Remember the joy you felt hearing that you were to be a grandparent?

Remember the feeling of pride on the arrival of your grandchild?

Remember all those conversations you had - about who the grandchildren looked like?

Remember all the hopes you had for the future?

Have all those dreams changed?


  • family alienation,
  • divorce or separation?

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So much to offer

  • you are a source of comfort to your Grandchildren and the Parents
  • Grandparents frequently provide financial support - paying for those little treats or basics (pocket money, clothing, food, school fees and holidays)
  • providing pre or after school care
  • providing a listening ear
  • baby/ child sitting - enabling the Parents to work or have sometime for themselves
  • passing down family and cultural traditions
  • home cooking - granny's recipes
  • story telling - how things were done in your day
  • you have lived through amazing changes in the world in last 50 years or so (you provide a valuable and practical insight, that can't be learnt from books alone)
  • patience - as a Grandparent and being free from the demands of work, you have the time to play and help your Grandchildren with their homework
  • you provide your Grandchildren with a sense of belonging, knowing their origins, their roots, so that your Grandchildren are not isolated by the breakdown of their immediate family - they have an extended family
  • you bring the family together - providing a valuable link between the wider family and the Grandchildren
But are you ignored? Worried?
  • experiencing restricted or denied contact with your Grandchildren
  • just wanting to know your options - just in case
  • concerned about a Social Service investigation
  • considering making a court application

get advice as soon as possible

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  • to discuss your problems
  • consider your options - and the practical steps you can take whether through the courts or otherwise
  • we offer an initial consultation - which is a good opportunity for you to discuss your concerns and how you wish to resolve the situation.
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Grandparents Guide Click here for our guide to Grandparents Seeking Contact

we look forward to seeing you

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Positive about your Future

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