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Policing is stressful enough, but having to worry about divorce and/ or family disputes can be too much.

alexander christian Divorce and Family Law Solicitors are experienced in dealing with Police Officers facing marriage breakdown and family disputes.

alexander christian understands that policing is a very demanding job:

Policing is a psaychologically stressful work environment


The last thing you may wish to face up to, are your own family problems.

If a police officer is faced with family breakdown and an extremely demanding job, then the situation can quickly deteriorate.

It is important to seek early legal advice from a Specialist Divorce and Family Law Solicitor, who is experienced in dealing with Police Officers.

You may be worried about

  • Protecting your Pension during Divorce
  • Matrimonial home
  • Financial settlement
  • Children - Contact
  • Domestic violence

We have experience:

  • in dealing with such sensitive issues
  • whether you just want initial advice
  • or you want to get started
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You now want Divorce Advice

  • we can offer you a fixed fee appointment
  • a good opportunity for you to discuss your worries
  • for you to look at your options
  • for you to consider what you want to do
  • you may want to consider the alternatives to divorce, such as Separation
  • or you may just want to get up to speed on Divorce, especially if your spouse has been to see a divorce solicitor
  • we advise London and Home Counties based clients
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To take advantage of this good opportunity. Call 0844 800 0610 or 020 8515 2778 to book your initial consultation.

Where you can find us:

alexander christian is based at Harrow Business Centre, 429-433 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA1 4HN. Call 0844 800 0610 or 020 8515 2778 to book your initial appointment.

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