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Mediation Preparation

Mediation Preparation is a service to assist you to get the most out of mediation. Mediation is a process where you can make your own informed decisions together regarding children, finances and other issues. Reaching a mutual agreement through a series of meetings with yourself, your partner and the mediator.

The mediator will not give legal advice about what is a fair or acceptable outcome. You may need legal advice, prior to, during and after mediation.

A successful mediation will require that you plan a sound strategy and understand in advance what areas will be covered in the mediation

We can:-

  • Assist you in formulating a creative solution tailored to your individual needs and what is fair.
  • Advise you on how to make a good impression when you meet or speak to the mediator.
  • Assist you to understand what your own needs are. We can help to avoid some of the pit falls of mediation. Whereby people enter into mediation without understanding what their goals are and what they wish to accomplish. We can help you to make realistic and rational decisions.
  • Advise you of what the other party's position will likely to be. Prepare you on how to react and present your counter-points.
  • Help you to understand what issues you can agree with your ex-partner. What the consequences of those agreements might be in the short and long term. Help you produce a checklist of items.
  • Assist you to plan for any compromises or trade-offs. Sometimes something is more important to your ex-partner than it is to you. We can help you to produced a list of those items or issues that are willing to trade for something that is more valuable to yourself.
  • It is important to remember that mediation has its limitations. We can advise you of any areas which might be sticking points - family business valuations, income disputes, existence of an asset.
  • We can advise you on what documents you will need to gather together for mediation to take place. This can speed up the process, reduce costs and frustrations.
  • We can advise you child contact issues, what is reasonable given your personal situation and circumstances - what the Court might say. Help you plan a course of action that both parties can live with. Avoid inflaming the otherside.
  • We can discuss the format of mediation and what to expect, this is valuable insight into the process.
  • In the alternative you can consider a round table meeting with a Family Law Barrister. This is an effective way to come to a resolution.

If mediation is successful we can assist you in preparing the post mediation documents, such as: divorce papers, consent orders, separation agreements etc.

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Sorry we do not offer legal aid.

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